Hair Loss Protocol 101. This Review Will Make Your Hair Stand!

A few years ago, as I began to look into ways to regrow my hair, my experiments and research discovered a book called Hair Loss Protocol 101 and being that I was desperate to reverse my problem, I purchased it.

Now after doing so, I had the ability to re-sell it, but let me tell you, I can’t do that and the reason why is because this book in my opinion fails to deliver on it’s promises. In fact, what I read inside it vs what I saw the creator of it say on his sales page was a lot of hot air.

The sales page is good at convincing me that this protocol has the solution to my hair problems and can regrow it in under a month. I will say that, after exploring all of the things I did, there is literally no such scenario in which you can naturally regrow all of it that quickly, not even in several months. 

But still, I bought the book and began trying to uncover what the actual protocol was and here’s some details for you:

1) The author of this book tends to, in my opinion, waste a lot of time on explaining why hair loss isn’t so bad, the history of it, what we know about it through science, what we know causes and doesn’t cause it and how men, for example who experience this problem are actually more verile than those who don’t have that problem.

He even uses examples of historical figures, one of which, if I recall was Julius Caesar and apparently, he too experienced balding.

At this point of reading the book, I began to wonder if the author was just trying to fill up the content it with information I couldn’t care less about to make it seem like the book was worth spending $40 or so dollars on.

I mean, why do I care if Julius Caesar had hair problems?

How does it help me to know bald men are more verile or that wearing hats doesn’t cause balding (one of the things mentioned in the book).

This type of information basically occupied at least a third of the book and in my opinion, in NO way helped me get closer to discovering why I was having balding problems, nor how to fix it. But part 2 finally began to get into this…

2) After I read and skimmed the nonsense above, I finally got to the part where the author finally starts to talk about reversing balding. And that’s where we finally get into the main theme…

What exactly is the hair loss protocol? What is the solution!? Hint: Don’t expect much…

Basically the author says that DHT is the cause of baldness, which is a hormone produced often in men. In large quantities, it inhibits hair growth and causes problems to occur.

The solution is to block or limit it’s production in the author’s words and how does he recommend doing that? Why by eating foods that block it…

Yes, the author basically says that to stop balding, you need to eat foods that block the balding hormone from being produced.

One might as well say that all that this is hinting to is to eat foods that are great for hair growth and that’s exactly what he gets into. The author speaks in great length about eating things like: Spinach, carrots, salmon, greek yogurt and other healthy foods that help the body reduce it’s quantity of DHT and help your follicles grow. 

3) After this is discussed, the author presents a meal plan or diet to help you implement these foods over a 28 day period (or month) where you will notice results. 

And that is the book…

  • A third of it is “hot air” in my opinion on nonsense I don’t care about.
  • The next part of the book basically says to eat hair healthy foods. 
  • And the last part explains how to put it into an eating plan to see results in a months time.

Now let me ask you this…

For $40, would you buy a book that said this type of stuff? I wouldn’t, but I didn’t know this until I actually did buy it, so I am giving you this information and basically warning you about what to expect from it. 

I personally regret checking this book out. This protocol is nothing more in my opinion than a simple explanation on which foods help you fight baldness, but honestly…

The information is ONLY really helpful for people who are initially experiencing this problem. If you are balding seriously or completely bald as it is, you will see minimal results from following this. At most, you will basically see less of the hair you have left falling out or thinning, other than that, I absolutely DO NOT believe this book will help you reverse baldness. 

And I know this because as someone who HAS eaten the types of foods explained in this book and on any site that offers genuine advice on helping people have healthy hair, I can tell you that what I just concluded about minimal results stands true.

If you REALLY want to reverse balding, this is not the resource I’d use. I would certainly recommend you eat healthy foods, but let’s be serious, the foods presented in this book are not unique and the advice, other than the 28 day meal plan is NOT one of a kind.

Google anything regarding which foods to eat to help with thinning and I guarantee that you will find the same recommendations, only you won’t spend $40 finding that out like I did.

Now for actual solutions…

For people suffering from serious balding problems, these foods, while good are NOT powerful enough to do the job. The only thing I have found that works well is a biotin supplement I’ve been taking for months and I am amazed by the results. Learn more.

As as for the book, this “protocol” is really a bunch of exaggerated info that is not unique. I will absolutely NEVER recommend you buy this book. 

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