What is The Best Vitamin For Hair Growth? There’s Actually 5, Not One.

With so many different types of supplements and vitamins to choose from for hair care one has to ask the question, what is the best vitamin for hair growth?

I think the best way to determine the answer to that question is to take a look at how the different vitamins play a roll in hair growth and maintenance along with eating a proper diet and taking supplements to get the results you are looking for.

While there have been many studies on what helps with hair loss we believe no one answer can be found to be the cure-all in most cases, it is usually a combination of things that work best but you be the judge!

What role do vitamins play in hair growth and maintenance?

Many vitamins serve multiple roles in the body. For instance, vitamin K is essential for blood clotting, but it is also a role player in healthy hair and skin.

Niacin is another that plays a big role in better circulation, which is essential for a healthy body and healthy hair.

See, they all play a role in one way or another either by directly affecting your hair or indirectly, through healthy living, affect it.

But let’s take a look at what is considered the top 5 hair vitamins and what they do and then make a decision from there as to which is best.

Here are the top 5 vitamins you need to have health hair:

A Vitamins:

Most people think vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin for vision and the immune system and they are right, but it is also great for healthy hair.

It is an antioxidant and is the number one supplement used for skin care because it works! Scalp treatments of Vitamin A can help in loss of hair and keep moisture in the skin creating a very healthy environment for your hair.

B Vitamins:

This family is the breadwinners for all-around healthy hair and skin!

These are key to cell metabolism which is essential for healthy hair.

Ths family includes vitamins B1-B3, B5-B7, B9 and B12. Of these we suggest B7 (Biotin) as it actually has one of the biggest impacts on restoring hair and even helping NEW ones pop out.

In addition to biotin being one of the best in the vitamin B family, there is also niacin and these 2 are the most well known when talking about healthy hair because of their direct effect on the hair and skin and are imperative in the body to maintain strong, full, and shiny hair.

If you are experiencing hair loss and brittle, weak and dull hair you may very well have a biotin or niacin deficiency. We suggest these supplements to help if this is the problem.

Vitamin C:

Of course it had to be included! This is a king of the antioxidants and helps the body fight disease which in turn allows for a healthy body, thus, healthy hair. So while it’s not as direct as B vitamins are to hair growth, it indirectly applies to helping with it.

This vitamin has claims of being the wonder vitamin that can even treat and prevent the common cold! Another selling point for C is the creation of collagen. Collagen is dependent on this vitamin to interact with many different tissues in the body, including your hair and scalp tissues and without that, we would all be very chilly on top!

D Vitamins:

This one is called the sunshine vitamin as people get the majority of this one from the sun but we all know the sun does not always shine bright so vitamin D supplements are very popular and for good reason.

This vitamin is responsible for muscle function, controls inflammation and keeps our immune system functioning properly. It also helps create keratin, which is a key player in keeping your hair follicles healthy.

Many tests are now underway to improve a topical product that enhances hair growth. We say improve because so far the results are awesome in animals. If you are the adventurous type, there are topical applications available and worth a try, as it is a no harm choice meaning no harm can come from using them and you just may start to grow hair!.You can not take too much of this vitamin though as the body will regulate it and pass it on any excess.

Vitamin E:

We call this the utility vitamin as it helps several others do their job more efficiently. It is an awesome antioxidant that is responsible for protecting your cell membranes and keeps them safe.

It also helps keep your immune system healthy which is imperative for healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

Oxidative stress is a common diagnosis in hair loss and is also believed to be the cause of hair going grey. This vitamin combats this type of stress in the body.

Which of these above 5 vitamins is the best for hair growth?

The simple answer is all of them! But if you need something that has faster results, biotin (B) would probably do that. Like we said, here are 5 supplements which carry all of the above vitamins necessary for hair growth and they are formulated specifically for that reason. And by the way, even though the supplements we just linked say it’s for women, the truth is that it also works very well for men too.

But besides this, it is important to know that only through lifestyle changes, proper diet and proper use of daily supplements can you expect to see any hair growth where progress has stopped or any damage to be reversed in existing hair.

First and foremost the body needs to be as healthy as possible and in most cases, just the changes mentioned above are enough to stimulate hair growth and also repair damaged hair and scalp!

How do I best use this information?

We recommend changing your diet to include healthy, whole foods and stay away from processed foods, start taking a multivitamin and use some good quality shampoos and cream rinses that are fortified with biotin and keratin.

Before you know it you will both look and feel healthier!


We covered all the vitamins that are considered good for hair growth and compared them with each other and now it is time for you to decide which is best for you.

We know that the best results are a combination of healthy eating, healthy living, and proper nutrient levels. We hope we answered all of your questions with this article but we know there are always more questions and comments! Please leave any you may have below in the comments section and we will address them promptly!


  1. Crystal

    Easy to read and good information. I would have like to known what foods best carry these vitamins. Do you have a list? Maybe having some pictures of the the foods that these are in. My father had hair loss at an early age. I had forgotten that vitamin A was helpful in hair, so thanks for the reminder. It is good to know that folks like yourself are educating people about the importance of vitamins in their diet.

    • admin

      Yeah, we’re working to add more images and articles regarding specific foods to eat for hair growth Crystal 🙂

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