What is a DHT Blocker? Restore Your Hair With Them.

Today’s question will address what a DHT blocker is, why it’s important for hair growth and where to get the products and supplements to help contain these things to help hair growth happen.

Let us start by exploring what it is that we are wanting to block, and then why we want to black it and last how to get the job done.

What is DHT?

This is an androgen who’s proper name is dihydrotestosterone. It is a sex hormone that is in males responsible for facial hair growth, muscle development and even the deepening of the voice experienced during male puberty.

It is created from a mixture of testosterone that is found in the testes and prostate and an enzyme called 5a-reductase that is produced throughout both the male and female bodies.

Once created it stores itself in the hair glands and after time it begins shrinking the hair follicle which causes thinning and even loss of the hair.

Eventually, the hair follicles can even stop growing altogether.

In other words, this is the main ingredient responsible for male pattern baldness.

What is a DHT blocker?

As the title says it is simply a substance that blocks the DHT from building up in the hair follicles. This buildup can cause hair to lose its strength, luster, and flexibility and can also lead to complete hair loss.

By blocking this buildup we can slow and or completely stop the hair loss process and even begin re-growing and replace the bodies lost hair.

Are there natural DHT blockers?

Yes, there are many different kinds of them. There are many different forms of blockers available both in natural foods and herbs and also in supplement form.

The natural forms are in certain foods and herbs that should be part of a healthy daily diet along with a good exercise program.

Let’s take a look at the most common natural foods and herbs that effectively block DHT.

Let’s start with what foods are best.

Here is a list of the 10 most common natural food blockers and why they work.


Berries are a great source of vitamin C, especially blueberries which are important for healthy hair follicles and they also contain flavonoids which combined with the vitamin C increases blood flow to the scalp and keeps it healthy.


Almonds are called the hair vitamin because they are high in biotin and protein which give the hair strength and they are rich in vitamin E which is essential in healthy hair follicles. They are also a great way to combat dandruff.


Walnuts are an awesome way to promote healthy hair as they contain vitamin E which is key for hair growth, high in protein for hair strength and they are also rich in L-lysine which is a natural DHT blocker.

Green Tea

Green Tea is full of vitamin B which helps hair growth and it is also a very good antioxidant which helps protect the hair.


Eggs are a good old standby that is loaded with biotin and boiled eggs are even more loaded with this essential enzyme needed in healthy hair.


Watermelon is another excellent natural blocker, maybe even the best one as it is rich in lycopene, which naturally blocks DHT.

White Mushrooms

White Mushrooms are rich in Zinc which is a natural blocker of DHT and they are also full of pantothenic acid and vitamin D, both essential for strong healthy hair growth.


Bananas are loaded with biotin which is a natural blocker as it prevents testosterone from being converted. Bananas also promote good gut bacteria which in turn becomes a natural blocker.


Carrots are the miracle workers when it comes to healthy hair. they are responsible for the hair texture and growth and they also help prevent brittle hair.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds not only act as a natural blocker, they are also extremely important just as carrots are to the strength and texture of hair.

We have covered the natural food blockers, now let’s take a look at some of the natural herbs that also can be taken along with the above foods.

Natural herbs which help blog DHT:

  • Gotu Kola
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Pygeum Bark
  • Stinging Nettle Root
  • Green Tea
  • Beta Sitosterol

Along with the above foods and herbs, there are many different kinds of supplements available that can aid in the growth and maintenance of a healthy scalp and a good shiny head of hair.

Supplements/products which block DHT:

  • Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo
  • Hairomega DHT Blocker Hair Loss Supplement
  • Zhou Nutrition Saw Palmetto Capsules for Prostate Health
  • Hairomega DHT Blocker Hair Loss Supplement
  • Nu Hair DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth Support
  • Botanical Beauty Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Zenwise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins Supplement
  • Infinity Vitamins & Supplements For Hair Growth
  • Lipogaine Big 3 Premium Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo for Men and Women
  • Hairomega DHT Blocker Hair Loss Supplement
  • Groganics Deep Freeze Follicle Cleanser Shampoo
  • Biotin supplements. Try this one.
  • Hairfluence. Contains MANY necessary things for hair growth.

These supplements and many more like them can not only maintain strong and healthy hair and scalp it can also help to slow down, stop, and even reverse hair loss.

Supplements do take time to work so it is recommended to give them a good 6 to 8 weeks to start showing you results.

The overlooked activity:

One last item that is a great way to reduce DHT that gets overlooked is plain old exercise. A good healthy exercise program can both make the hair more radiant and help your overall health which in turn boosts all areas of the body.

We hope this article helps you in understanding everything you need to know about DHT.

There are many products and diets available and just as many supplement programs. Some work well for one person but another combination does the job for the next guy so it is best to identify the results you are looking for and then approach the solution for there.

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