What Are The Reasons For Hair Loss in Women? Causes And Solutions Revealed.

Hair loss, particularly for women can be very emotional and devastating. This article will explore the major reasons why this happens but more importantly, the solutions to stopping and reversing that problem.

Let’s first explore what causes hair loss (in women):

According to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, the most common reason women lose hair is because of a condition known as female pattern baldness. In men, it’s referred to as “male pattern baldness”. Now despite the word “baldness” in both genders here, it doesn’t affect them the same way. 

Generally, with men, you will notice bald spots and a receding hairline and in women, the main symptom is thinning, so it’s technically “less serious” and more treatable, especially with the solutions you are about to find out about…

Now female pattern baldness can also be caused by medications and hormonal changes. While there are many products and treatments for this problem, before you try to take one or more of them, you must first determine why you are losing it in the first place! Determining why you are losing it will better direct you to the best possible treatment that would help. 

First, let’s take a look at the most common symptoms and what causes them.

Sudden loss of hair:

This is usually caused by an emotional shock or a tragic event that can suddenly shock the system and can result in handfuls of hair coming out at a time. Basically, stress leads to this problem.

This kind of loss, as long as it is not caused by a medical problem, is temporary and you should treat the hair with a good nutritional supplement such as this one to help rebuild existing and new hair that will be growing back in once you have settled down and recovered from the shock.

Scales across the scalp:

This one always makes people uncomfortable and rightfully so as it is a sign of having ringworm. You will notice sudden heir loss, red scalp and even oozing from the scalp, This will require a doctors visit and again in the regrowing process, you will want to treat it with a good supplement and special shampoo that will eliminate the ring worm. The scalp, and what is remaining and new strands will need the extra care.

Bald spots:

This is generally tougher for men to deal with than women, but in the case of women, you will SLOWLY develop and notice a smooth, bald spot on your head, usually in the rear of the scalp, and it will vary in size. These spots, if left untreated become more and more difficult to regrow hair on which is why the sooner you spot it, the faster you can take action to reverse it.

One of the best ways to combat and reverse this problem (especially if you spot it early) is by treating it with both an internal and external approach. Using a biotin supplement like this and a DHT/biotin shampoo like this will really help tackle this problem from both ends and really make sure you’re doing all you can to reverse the hair loss problem.

Total loss of body hair due to medical treatments:

There are medications and medical procedures that can cause hair loss (chemotherapy for example). This is usually temporary and will grow back in time. Taking great care of your head during this process is advised. Again the supplements we recommend, especially here (there are 5) will really help.

Thinning and gradual loss:

This is the most common experience women have in regards to hair loss and it happens to everyone, sooner or later. Stress hits everyone, everyone takes a bad medication once in awhile, and/or your diet starts lacking in the proper nutrition and this starts to be felt and seen with the thinning of your hair.

Fortunately, of all the major problems that cause hair loss, this is the one which is most reversible. Once again, anyone of these 5 products will likely solve the issue, and rather quickly too.

Here are 10 additional tips to help you!

1) If you can avoid medications that cause hair loss, please do so. Make sure to investigate the side effects of whatever treatment you are taking and avoid it if possible. If it’s mandatory to take and the hair starts falling out, start countering that with the supplements we recommended. 

2) Avoid direct sunlight if possible, especially where the climate is warm year round as it can have a huge effect of the health of your hair. Too much sun can cause damage to it.

3) Let’s talk about more serious things where the problem of hair loss is almost unavoidable: Chemotherapy. To help lessen this side effect from happening, try to use a cooling cap during the process. Ask your doctor about one!

4) Additionally, for general care, a nice wide tooth comb and treating the hair gently with will help keep it healthy and strong vs hard brushing and fine combs which actually pull out and damage follicles.

5) Braiding and using ponytails can also cause damage and cause loss. If you have damaged hair from this practice we suggest treating it daily with supplements to get it back to health!

6) Anything heat-related when styling including permanents and coloring is considered bad for hair and should be avoided if possible. The hair is made up of keratin and intense heat can actually damage it more than know.

7) Hairdryers and curlers are extremely damaging and can cause hair to become weak and brittle and dried out with no shine. Again, treat this kind of damaged hair with such things as a good moisturizing enriched shampoo to help repair and restore your hair.

8) Certain treatments like hot oil and keratin treatments can actually do more harm than good by weakening the follicles and causing them to fall out resulting in hair that is thinning and losing its shine and luster. If you suffer from this, discontinue these types of treatments and start a recovery program to regain your hair’s luster and strength.

9) Basically, the best tips are to be gentle to your hair, using gentle and safe hair products and utensils, and eat a good diet of whole foods combined with a daily multivitamin and supplement plan. This will promote a healthy body and this is where it all starts.

10) And finally, diet is one of the most important things to maintain when it comes to hair health. Read about the necessary vitamins you need (and where to get them) to ensure your hair is growing and shining optimally ladies!

We have covered the different types of hair losses, the causes and any treatments available and the use of supplements in treating and preventing your hair loss.

We hope this information helps you in your day to day care of your hair!

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