The Super Vitamin That Restores Your Hair Revealed…

Ladies, if you take every vitamin, mineral, food and supplement out there for hair restoration, there is one that stands above all: 


This is one of the most powerful vitamins that restores hair and any product or food that doesn’t have this, simply won’t work. However, what you’re about to see is the most potent biotin supplement there is and…

  • It has over 4,000, 5 star reviews. Proof coming.
  • It has tons of before and after photos showing the major difference in hair restoration this brings. Proof coming.
  • It’s natural.
  • It’s VERY cheap and affordable ($7 a bottle for 100 days).
  • And it works to counter hair loss, hair thinning and even balding. 

Here it is: Natrol Biotin:

Here’s why it works and proof coming up, but here’s one example of many:

Biotin is ESSENTIAL for the following things:

  • Healthy hair growth.
  • Healthy skin growth.
  • Regulation of metabolism.
  • Helping the body burn fat.
  • Regulating the blood sugar levels in your body.

That’s an incredible amount of important functions that 1 vitamin helps with and it’s no wonder that Biotin is nicknamed the “wonder drug” because of all it helps with.

Most women make the mistake of ONLY trying to stop their hair loss problems on the outside, looking for wonder shampoos or products to be taken externally.

Most of the time, hair loss issues in women can be solved INTERNALLY and there is no supplement more powerful solution than Natrol Biotin for this very problem.

Why this supplement is the most potent biotin supplement on the market…

The following Natrol Biotin contains 100 tablets for a total of 10,000 mcg (100 mcg each).

If you take the best foods with biotin that are great for hair growth (and other health benefits), their biotin amounts pale in comparison to this supplement. For example:

Egg: 1 egg contains 10 mcg of biotin.

1 tablet of Natrol Biotin contains 10 times that (100 mcg).

Salmon: A 3 ounce salmon contains 5 mcg of biotin.

1 tablet of Natrol Biotin contains 20 times that.

Avocado: 1 avocado contains anywhere between 2-10 mcg of biotin.

1 tablet of Natrol Biotin contains 10 times+ that.

Cauliflower: Contains 4 mcg of biotin.

1 tablet of Natrol Biotin contains 25 times that.

Sweet potato: Yes this has biotin too. A single sweet potato has close to 5 mcg.

1 tablet of Natrol Biotin contains 20 times that.

And while all of these foods are GREAT for general health, if you seek hair restoration, you’d need to eat a lot of these to get results. Whereas 1 single tablet of Natrol Biotin would cut down on the time to see results.

Reviews (and before & after pictures) of women using Natrol Biotin:

See more reviews & before/after photos here.

Any side effects? 

Since biotin is completely natural, the only side effect is if you overdo it’s intended dosage. This particular brand of biotin (Natrol Biotin) is meant to be taken once a day with food.

It is not recommended exceed that dosage.

How many bottles should I get? Just 2 per person is recommended.

If it’s just for you, 2 bottles will last you a little over 6 months. Each bottle has 100 tablets, one meant for each day.

With 2 bottles and 200 tablets, that would allow you to use it for 200 days, or 6-7 months time.

You can get more if you wish, but the expiration is about a year, so buy as many bottles that would fit your desired usage.

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