The One Shampoo That 100% Stops Hair Thinning Problems.

This may be one of the best or worst reviews for a product recommendation on hair thinning, but I’m going to be 100% honest with you:

I’m a guy who started balding at 22 years of age. And of course, when it all began, I panicked, had hopes this would “figure itself out” and kind of went through different products, shampoos and protocols. Let’s just say I spent more than I should have and didn’t get results.

The balding/thinning process continued for the next 8 years until I finally figured out what works (this following shampoo)…

Had I know about the shampoo product I am going to be recommending here today (which I found out about 8 years later, at age 30), I would have probably stopped my hair thinning and balding issues right then and there, and possibly even had a full set of hair right now.

You see the particular brand of shampoo I’m going to be telling you about did a couple of things for me:

Whatever hair I had left on my scalp…

  • It preserved it and stopped it from falling out (which again if I started on earlier, I wouldn’t be bald right now).
  • It made the existing hair stronger.
  • It cured the thinning hair problem.
  • I had found that this shampoo actually helps get results for women a bit faster than for men.
  • It actually brought back some of the hair I had completely lost, but it didn’t really help it regrow entire, so it’s not a cure for baldness, but let me tell you this:

-If you have thinning hair issues.

-If you want to STOP balding (you spotted it early).

Then this is the shampoo for you:


Name: Biotin Shampoo.

Rating: Over 4,000 Amazon reviews. 4.5 star rating. Read reviews here.


  • 8 oz bottle is about $9 (lasts a few weeks to a month).
  • 16 oz is about $19 (lasts for several months, and that’s if you use it everyday).

Does it stop hair thinning problems? 100% yes.

Does it work for women? Absolutely.

Does it work for men? Absolutely.

How does it work? You can apply this once every single day. The key is to apply, and massage your scalp/head with this shampoo and let it stay on for 2-3 minutes, then wash it off.

Then the other key is this:

Do NOT blow dry your hair. While your hair/head is wet, wrap it with a towel or put on a hat and let it dry naturally that way (keep it on for 30 minutes). This is what will enhance the results of this shampoo.

How does it stop hair thinning? 100% yes.

How quickly does it stop hair thinning? I’d say within a week you will notice stronger hair.

Does it stop balding? I found that it does cause new hair to grow (SUPER slow), but I would not say that this is a cure for balding, it DOES preserve existing hair and strengthens it, so whatever hair is on your head, it will make sure it stays, that is 100% for sure.

Before and after pictures (these are real):

5 reasons hair starts thinning and how this shampoo helps combat it:

1) DHT buildup.

DHT is basically a hormone that causes hair to thin and recede, to the point that it doesn’t grow anymore. Think of this “Mask” that covers your head, blocks hair follicles (causing the thinning) and prevents new hair from growing out.

That is basically what and how DHT operates. It’s a nasty thing…

If left alone, this buildup worsens overtime. 

What this shampoo does is, it removes that DHT build up on your head and scalp, opening up the follicles for new hair to grow and existing, thinning hair to have space and nutrients to grow back out.

Specifically there are at least 11 things that cause DHT to build up, and this shampoo has ingredients to combat ALL 11 of them:

2) Lack of proper hair nutrition.

Proper hair grow requires proper nutrition from inside and out. This shampoo contains essential oils, proper B vitamins such as biotin (super important) for the preservation and growth of hair. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients in this shampoo:

biotin shampoo ingredients

3) Stress. 

This shampoo isn’t going to cure stress issues, but it can help you relax when applying it as it does feel great on the hair. For stress reduction, one of the best things I find that works is exercise. 

The pros of this biotin shampoo:

  • Easy to use.
  • Can be applied daily.
  • I recommend the 16 oz bottle because it lasts for at least 2 months (in my case, for 3 or more).
  • It’s cheap.
  • It directly hits the problem of hair thinning at it’s source from the outside.

Fight hair thinning from the inside and out: Use this 1 powerful supplement with the shampoo.

It is called biotin and it is available in a very potent form in this product: Natrol Biotin, 10,000 mcg.

How does biotin help with hair thinning?

Biotin is a complex B vitamin that happens to be ONE of the MOST important vitamins for hair growth. Biotin is found in foods like eggs, fish, nuts and so on but it is not really available in high dosages within those foods.

However, in supplements like Natrol Biotin, it is available in VERY high dosages (it’s healthy for you) and helps combat hair thinning from the inside, making the effect of the biotin shampoo even better because while it helps stop hair thinning on the outside, this Natrol supplement helps the problem from returning from the inside, so you’re attacking the hair thinning problem from both ends.

How this biotin supplement helps:

  • It actually breaks down fat cells causing weight loss (not crazy amounts, but it’s important for health).
  • It helps with MORE than just hair restoration and health, it also helps produce healthy skin and nails.
  • It’s in VERY high dosages so you get results FASTER. 
  • It strengthens existing hair strands and promotes NEW hair, STRONG hair growth.
  • It is surprisingly a very cheap supplement. I recommend getting 2 bottles (each bottle lasts 100 days, and you take 1 tablet daily, with food). It’s only $15 and will last you for well over 6 months.

These are the 2 main things I take to preserve the hair I have and again if I had known about these amazing products when my problems started, I’d have a full set of hair still. I hope that if you’re reading this, you don’t have the same problem and that you caught it early.


3 guarantees when it comes to these products:

1) You will stop hair thinning, likely within a week.

2) It will preserve the existing hair you have, you will save it, keep it growing stronger and will maintain it.

3) You will save money on the plethora of other hair products out there that cost more and do way less than these 2 will. They last for a VERY long time.

Get the Biotin Shampoo here.

Get the Natrol Biotin supplement here.

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