The Man Behind This Site.

Thanks for checking out this page. My name is Vitaliy and yes, I am balding. My problems with hair loss started at a tender age of…22!

I doubt anyone will ever forget that first moment and the realization that it’s happening. For me it was during a visit to Florida.

While staying over my grandfather’s sister’s house, I was getting ready to call it a night, was in the bathroom when I noticed it…

The way the mirrors were set up was not just in front of my, but so on the sides of the sink and you could move them in a way which would allow you to see the back of your hand and sides rather easily.

I suppose it would have happened sooner or later, but it happened then and it was just “perfect” with the light shining on me…

It wasn’t a bald spot, but it was a large set of my hair which was thinning. And frankly it freaked me out. How could I, a man still growing, start seeing this SO early!?

Could it have been genetics? No. Everyone in my family who suffers from hair loss experienced it after 40. What was wrong with me then?

Tons of different theories and panic occupied my head and I sought reassurance that I was OK from other members in my family. I didn’t get much.

I was also made fun of (in a friendly way) that I had to married very soon or else it would be too late lol.

Well as the years progressed, so did my issue. What was once thinning hair turned into a small, then gradually increasing bald spot.

This brings us to today. I am 28 and my balding situation has continued over the years.

I started this website to find a solution, not just for myself, but for others. I put up this site to find out an actual cure to baldness with one very important rule: It has to be a natural method.

No operations. No artificial creams. No wigs (ugh).

I believe there is a way to do it. We hear stories, but I believe we can turn stories into reality and that’s what I have set out to do.

I have tried many different methods and admit I haven’t really stuck to it, but somethings have showed promise and what has worked for me will be revealed to you on this site.

I also review a lot of methods which also promise quick fixes, test them out and reveal if they work with actual picture testimonials.

This site will aim to fix what I believe to be a curable problem and it will work not just for men, but for women too.

I hope those who visit this site also share the things they have tried to do when they started experiencing thinning and baldness.

Let us share what we have learned, what we have tried, what has worked and what hasn’t so we come up with a solution that is such an epidemic in this world!

Thank you for reading my story and I hope to hear about yours as well 🙂