Pura Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo Review.

As a balding man wanting to cure his problem, the last thing I want is to wash my hair with chemicals that only make the problem worse. I have as a result purchased a special kind of shampoo called Pura Hair Loss Prevention (16 oz bottle) for about $30 to test out whether or not it will work. 

Some facts about Pura Hair Loss Prevention Premium Organic Shampoo:

  • Most of the ingredients are organic. 
  • Has a nearly 5 star rating on Amazon based on 3,500+ reviews.
  • Contains ingredients that do help with hair loss: Bitoin, Vitamins B and E. Oils such as argan, black seed, pumpkin seed, rosemary and hibiscus le viagra est il en vente libre
  • Also includes a DHT blocker, aloe vera, tea tree oil, several ingredients from coconuts and other hair beneficial ingredients. 
  • Has 1 real preservative called Phenoxyethanol which is important to understand.

Now the review:

What makes this shampoo most appealing is that it has DHT blockers. DHT is considered to be one of the reasons we lose hair and blocking it can help reduce hair loss and even restore lost hair. That’s what this shampoo tries to do.

The shampoo does work and can help you see less hair loss after using it for several times. I usually wash my hair 2-3 times a week, mostly after workout sessions. I am currently testing a topical solution that has some hair growing ingredients. After I use that, I apply this shampoo. 

The only thing I worry about:

I read the reviews and one thing that I am concerned with is the ingredient called phenoxyethanol. It is a popular ingredient you will find in just about most cosmetic products, including hair products. There is growing evidence that this ingredient is harmful when ingested, but since you’re not going to be eating this shampoo, will it still be dangerous? 

Well that’s where I dug deeper into the reviews and here are some things I have found:

I couldn’t find more than 1 review that was a 4 star and mentioned the ingredient and said that it wasn’t in enough proportions to be dangerous. It is true a lot of products we take and eat can be harmful, but most of them are in too small amounts to cause a difference. 

The only studies I have read about on this ingredient say that it can negatively affect the skin when applied to and has caused internal damage in animal studies but when used in high proportions. 

There is also speculation that it can be a carcinogen. 

I’m still going to try it for a little bit longer and see what happens. There’s definitely A LOT more good stuff in this shampoo than there is bad and the only bad thing is the phenoxyethanol ingredient. I would have probably given this product 5 stars if it didn’t have it.

The score for this shampoo:

3.5 stars out of 5!

It works, but these shampoos will cost you a lot of money to keep buying and they only affect DHT from the outside. This is no miracle product. 

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