How To Remove DHT From Your Hair.

This article will explore how to remove DHT and more importantly what it is and why we would want to remove it in the first place and lastly what this has to do with your hair.

I know, that was a long sentence so let me explain a bit further. Shortly put, the less of this you have, the better your hair will grow.

If hair loss has become a problem for you as you grow older or if you are prematurely losing it, or if it just does not look healthy, maybe removing the DHT from your scalp could be just what the doctor ordered!

Well, at least it could be a good starting point but this can all get confusing so let’s go ahead and explore exactly what we are talking about here when it comes to DHT and let’s see if we can help you maintain or even rebuild a healthy head of hair which is why you can to this website in the first place, right?

Let’s start with what it is, why it is created and why it becomes a problem, then we can take a look at how to combat its negative effects:

What is DHT?

DHT is a hormone that is developed by the mixture of testosterone and 5a-reductase.

It is created in the hair follicles, prostate gland, testes and adrenal glands and it is responsible for the development of the male body and the changes that take place during puberty.

It is essential to proper development of the body but as the body grows older it takes less and less DHT to maintain proper levels necessary to function properly and this is actually where it can become more harmful than helpful by creating an unhealthy environment for the maintenance and growth of hair.

Why do we need DHT?

Like we said above, it is a sex hormone that is essential in the development of the male body (this is why this stuff is less prevalent in women). Taking this a bit further in explanation, it is responsible for proper penis and testes growth, along with prostate and muscle development. It is also responsible for the deepening of the male voice.

Why remove DHT?

Some people are genetically susceptible to losing their hair. In other words, it is in their genes! Because of this, they are already behind the eight ball so to speak when it comes to hair loss and if you add in the natural side effects of DHT as you age to the equation, you have a very volatile situation for early male pattern baldness.

Let me explain this a bit further…

The side effects of DHT are that it builds up and binds to the hair follicles and can weaken and eventually kill them, causing them to be lost, permanently.

Hair will start to get brittle and dull and all around just plain unhealthy looking and you will notice flaking and broken strands all over. This is one of the first signs the DHT is building up too much.

Since this hormone is the biggest reason people start losing their hair, it makes more sense to first and foremost block it so it can not cause any more problems, then flush the scalp to remove the residue from your head, thus opening up your scalp and allowing it to actually begin growing hair again.

Now, there is a big difference between blocking and removing this hormone, and this article is addressing the removal, not blocking, and a good healthy hair program does both cleanse and block DHT so we recommend doing research on how to block it also.

It all makes sense once you get all the facts, so let’s move on to how to remove it…

How to remove DHT:

We call this buildup on the scalp sebum and removing it requires the use of products that contain salicylic acid.

This acid will deeply clean the scalp and act as a peel in removing the layers of sebum that has been building up over the years.

This procedure can be repeated once monthly and is recommended for keeping the scalp free of buildup.

The next step once you have followed all the directions on cleaning the scalp, (they will be included in the product you use for this procedure, more on this in a minute) we then want to find a good clarifying shampoo and use this shampoo once a month for proper build-up prevention. We recommend this DHT blocking shampoo. Check #5.

This type of shampoo is stronger than regular ones and is essential to avoid future buildup of sebum.

You will also want to use a good comb or brush, whichever you prefer and brush slowly and gently from the base to the ends daily as this distributes the oils in your hair across the whole length of the hair and keeps it from building up at the root.

This next step will seem a bit odd for people not in the know about these products, but using a dry shampoo and baby powder in between shampoos will help keep oils from building up on the scalp and in the hair follicles.

If you use a conditioner of any kind and you notice any oil on your hair after using it you should scale back on its use or even stop using it completely.

Altogether, it’s not just about dealing with DHT on the outer end, but also preventing it from building up to unhealthy levels on the inside. For this, a good diet is recommended, and in this following list, you will find supplements that carry great nutrients that don’t just stimulate hair growth but help fight DHT. Also regardless of the fact that the list is for women, the same products apply to men.

We hope this information will help you in combating and even reversing any male pattern baldness you may be experiencing and hopefully, it can help to restore a full head of healthy hair!

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