How to Naturally Get Rid of Dandruff. Hint: It’s Not About The Shampoo You Use, it’s How You Eat.

For over a decade, I struggled with dandruff and having flaky hair. It was embarrassing and just about every resource I read about getting rid of it said to use an anti-dandruff shampoo. I did and the problem didn’t go away. 

However, I accidentally found the solution to getting rid of it while testing out a new approach to rebuilding lost hair and it’s all natural. The solution is not shampoos or how often you wash your hair, it’s how you eat.

Eating the right way to promote healthy hair is directly responsible for helping me get rid of dandruff (and stopping hair loss as well!). How strange that most hair loss experts don’t even mention this. 

The more often I study health matters, the more often I see so much of what we conceive to be common sense is wrong:

  • Washing your hair too often can actually lead to it falling out faster.
  • Using anti dandruff shampoo can can it to get worse. 
  • Using so many artificial approaches to hair improvement makes it worse and also causes it to fall out.

That’s why every solution I seek with hair, has to be natural and with every solution I have found, the answer has been dieting (and in many cases knowing the right kinds of products to apply to the scalp!). Call this the…

Anti-dandruff diet:

You don’t have to only eat the following foods to get rid of the dandruff, but try to eat them in larger proportions as you get used to it. These are very healthy foods that are going to help in more than just improving your hair’s health, it will also help make you healthier.

Onions. Try to eat these if you know you’re not going to go out for the next 24 hours. You don’t people to smell that breath (unless you don’t like them).

Garlic. Same thing, but you may want to wait a little bit more than 24 hours before going out and if you have to go out earlier, drink coffee, it helps suppress that garlic breath. 

Spinach, the natural kind. Do not buy those in cans. Get the organic, fresh kind you have to wash before eating. I always have a hand full every morning when I wake up.

Carrots (organic). The vitamin A properties of carrots aren’t just good for hair, they are also good for vision. Make sure that before you eat them though, to have a teaspoon of any cooking oil (natural) such as coconut or extra virgin olive oil. This will help your body digest the carrot better and absorb the nutrients.

Cabbage. Cabbage is considered to help alkalize the pH in the body and will also help improve the health which will reflect how your scalp’s health looks.

Eat more fish. Salmon, trout, sea bass. Try to grill the fish.

Sea kelp. It’s basically seaweed. 

The eastern cultures got it right and though it’s a stereotype that they know a lot about health, it’s true when you look at them, especially Asian cultures. They look younger, are healthier and many of them have great looking hair well into their elderly years. 

A lot of the diet from eastern cultures comes from the sea. Though they do exercise and practice a lot of arts which help with energy flow, the diet probably plays the biggest effect. 

Eat less fried foods if possible. Less french fries. Less burgers. Less anything fried. 

Eventually, you will want to have these types of foods to occupy a majority of your diet. 

How to get rid of dandruff right now:

The diet takes a few weeks to take effect, but if you’re looking to get rid of dandruff as quickly as possible, use one of those shampoos designed for it. But start the diet as soon as you can. The earlier, the better.

Everything we have how up on our hair, including the hair we lose is mainly happening because of what’s going on inside our bodies. Hair loss is caused by DHT (and other factors). Dandruff is caused by specifics oils and a fungus that eats it whose name is malaasezzia globosa, but if we eat right, that oil is kept in check and so if the fungus. 

To keep things in check, eat right. It’s the key to solving most of our problems. 

How often should you wash your hair?

As a guy who has balding problems, I tend to only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I know there’s people who do it everyday but there’s enough evidence out there to show that doing that can be harmful. If you have to wash often, try to skip a day if possible in between.

Wash hair only when you finish doing a workout or if you’re very sweaty after a long day or work and maybe if you’re just preparing to go out somewhere and you want to look good. In other cases, try not to wash it if it’s not necessary. 

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