How to Fight DHT Naturally.

I believe DHT (Dihydrotesterone) is one of the main reasons we lose our hair and I have learned how to fight it naturally and have seen results by doing it viagra sur le net. You can do this too. 

4 ways to block and fight DHT:

Diet. This is most important. You will need to find and eat foods that reduce the production of DHT in your body. It’s very easy to find these foods: Generally those that help hair grow better are also those that block out DHT. 

Fish, seaweed, greek yogurt, walnuts, foods with protein (eggs, chicken) are all things that will help your hair grow a lot better and they also help fight the production of that hormone from being produced in your body. I have already mentioned more than once how much less hair I’ve been losing as a result of changing my diet (how changing my diet affected my hair).

Supplements: It’s part of the diet to take supplements sometimes, but there are ones that directly target hair growth. The one I am very happy with using is Hair, Skin and Nails which has a lot of ingredients that positively affect the scalp and stimulate hair growth. These ingredients also block DHT production.

Topical solutions: Castor oil mixed with other ingredients has shown results for me. Castor oil also helps reduce inflammation on the head which can be caused by a number of things, including DHT as well as fighting DHT from the outer side of the body.

Shampoos that block the hormone: I’m trying one right now called Pura Hair Loss and it works somewhat the same way as my castor oil mixture, but while the castor oil is meant to get rid of inflammation and right the hormone production, it won’t make your hair look or smell pretty, which is why we need to wash it out with something that won’t hurt us.

There are a lot of hair loss shampoos, especially those that are said to fight DHT and you can find them in any pharmacy store, just make sure they are natural and actually say they fight the hormone. 

The problem with topical solutions is that they are expensive and you should focus more on diet and supplements and only use the kind of shampoo that won’t hurt your hair growth. That’s why if you stick to one that’s organic and fights DHT, you’ll be fine. Most of your attention should be on your diet. That’s the best way to fight DHT.

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