Hairfluence Review. A Bald Dude’s 20 Day Results.

As a dude whose been struggling with finding natural ways to regrow his hair, I have been fortunate enough to come across and try several products that have produced positive results for me. One of those products happens to the one I am reviewing for you today: Hairfluence. 

Here’s my quick review of Hairfluence:

Price: $21.99.hairfluence review

How long does each bottle last for? 30 days.

Does it work? Yes! My personal picture is coming up.

Average review rating of others who use it: 4.5 out of 5 stars. Source: Amazon.

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Will I be using this product again in the future? Yes, totally!

Now as I write this review, I am 20 days into using it and before I move further…

I also want to be honest here and add that this is not the only supplement I am using nor the only procedure I am involved in with restoring my hair.

Here are the other following things I am doing in correspondence with taking the Hairfluence supplement:

1) I am taking a strong biotin supplement daily. It is called Natrol. Real quick, I HAVE noticed very positive results from that, but it’s limited, let me explain:

I am having NEW hair pop up on my head, but it seems to be reaching a certain limit in that it’s white (new) and doesn’t seem to grow past a certain point. Existing hair I have is much stronger and I 100% attribute that to this supplement.

2) I am also trying to make sure at least 50% of my diet is healthy for hair growth. I am eating eggs, high fatty foods with omega 3’s (which are good for that) and trying to stay away from stress.

3) I am using a biotin shampoo every single day. So far, I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks with a few noticeable results, but nothing extraordinary.

Now this brings me back to the review at hand, Hairfluence…

I started taking it whilst doing those other 3 things. The reason I decided to try this supplement was because of 2 things:

1) My progress in restoring my hair appeared to have stalled or plateaued and this one appeared to have more than enough necessary nutrients and vitamins to potentially push me higher in progress.

2) This supplement gets awesome reviews and based on that, I decided to start taking it.

So did it work? My 20 day results (yes it worked):

Although each bottle of this supplement lasts for 30 days, I actually noticed results just today while looking in the mirror (20 days in). The MAIN thing I noticed is that my white, new hairs that were growing before from the previous 3 things I mentioned using above, grew darker and matured.

Not only that, but the overall hair has grown and darkened. Now the picture you’re about to see needs context…

Because I took it under the light, the actual white hairs I have grown in my bald area look invisible (the light makes them seem this way, so this picture may come off as though there’s only bald areas and some black hair, but in reality (I’ll try to get a better picture in the future), it’s a lot of white hairs on the scalp and many of them are starting to mature into strong, black hair.

Here is how it looks:

hairfluence results

Being that I have had more than enough time in using the other products and supplements, I’ve seen what they have done for me and while the results were positive, these new changes in darker, longer, and new hair have to had come from using this Hairfluence product.

Will this product work for both men and women?

Well folks, being that this product DID work for me a bald guy (I will be ordering more after my first bottle is done in 10 days), it will absolutely work for you. I’ll update this article in the future with any future progress.

If my testimonial on this supplement isn’t enough, then read the other masses of positive reviews which back up my position on this product.

How to use this product:

There are 60 capsules inside one bottle of this product. It is advised to take 2 capsules daily. I personally take it when I eat. Also important to note, try note to take this supplement when eating eggs (especially raw ones) as this is known to reduce the effect of the biotin inside this product. Otherwise, you should be fine.

hairfluence ingredients

What’s inside hairfluence? 

There a multitude of nutrients and vitamins inside this product that are well known for having hair restoration benefits. I won’t go into too many details on each of them, but in my research, out of the essentials you need, this one has pretty much all of them and then some.

Here’s the quick picture of the back of the bottle and what’s inside:

Now let me go over each vitamin and nutrient briefly:

  • It contains Vitamins…
  • A, C, D3, B1, B2, B6 and B12.
  • Additionally, it also contains Niacin, biotin, MSM, collagen hydrolysate, bamboo extract and hydrolyzed keratin.

If you’re unfamiliar with most of these vitamins and nutrients, believe me, they are essential for hair growth and you will see that if you decide to take this product.

Do I recommend this supplement for anyone with hair loss problems? Yes.

At the very least, I’d recommend trying out a month of this supplement before deciding on getting more (order here). In my case, since I saw results, I decided to get another bottle. Considering the results keep improving, I will keep getting this. It’s cheap, but it’s very potent in the essentials needed to regrow hair.

Anyone who has thinning hair or is starting to see balding, should absolutely take this supplement to slow down and even stop that process, I am sure something like this would help a lot.

In fact, had I known about a product like this (as well as the other I’ve taken) early on in my balding stages, I may have had a full set of hair now, instead of trying to dig myself out of the bald pit.

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