Dr. Murray’s Hair, Skin And Nails Super Nutrient Formula Review.

The first time I ever heard about this product was when I walked into an organic store and asked about hair products. I should have read reviews before I purchased it but in desperation to find some sort of solution, I paid the price of $40 (it’s actually much cheaper if you get it online) and followed the instructions prix viagra pharmacie france.

My official review:

There are a 120 capsules within this product and you’re supposed to take 4 everyday. Basically the bottle will last you a month.

Each capsule contains a rich amount of nutrients that are supposed to help directly with hair growth as well as improve the condition of your skin. I’m looking at the back of the bottle and the most important ones that stand out are: Vitamins A, C, E and Biotin, but there plenty more and I’m sure they all aid in the improvement of hair and skin. I took a picture of the label just to show you how much there is:

Even though the supply is set for a month, I took it for about 2 weeks, but after I missed out on a week due to a business trip. After I came back I took the remaining capsules. So what happened? 

Well I absolutely noticed a major difference. The biggest is that less and less of my hair was falling out after a week. Before I started taking it (Around the end of December), just working for a few hours behind my computer gave me enough time to notice just how much hair fell out. It was scary, it was shameful and after taking this product, there was a huge improvement. 

The only thing I remember being told by the man who I purchased this from was that to see the most noticeable difference required I take this product for several months, maybe 4. I know he’s trying to sell me more bottles, but he’s right in this case. Any sort of supplement that you take, in order to see long term results has to be taken for at least several weeks and even months.

I have decided after seeing my first results to start taking this same supplement again as well as doing other things that helped my hair grow. If I put it all together, I may just crack the code of baldness! 

Reviews on this product:

Shortly after taking it, I researched what this product has done for others. Most of the reviews are pretty good, some even praise this product. The best reviews say that it helps mostly with helping reduce hair fall outs and improves skin conditions, something which I have noticed while the most negative ones say they felt nothing. 

Is this a good product to take? 

I believe you should try this product for at least one month and see if it helps improve your condition. If it does, keep taking it. Be careful as the prices you find on it vary. While mine cost $40 from the store, if you look for it online, you’ll find websites like Amazon sell it for a little under $30. 

After you try it (or if you already have), please tell us how it worked for you!

A better hair supplement:

It has been VERY long since I wrote anything about this product and I after trying it out several times (Several bottles), I will say I the most it seems to do is either slow down or stop hair loss, I hardly saw any new hair growth from it.

However, that being said, I decided to try another one, and I found it to be MUCH better than this one, for several reasons:

1) The results are incredible. I am growing new hair and stopped losing existing ones. 

2) The price of one bottle of the alternative is FAR cheaper than one bottle of this and each bottle of the recommended one has 100 tablets vs Dr. Murray’s which has 90 and costs twice as much per bottle.

In short, you will not only save more money by trying out this product, but you will also potentially grow new hair. I am VERY happy with it.

What I learned from taking it is that the more expensive supplement does not always mean you’ll get better quality results. 

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