Does Ginger Actually Help With Hair Growth? What I Saw After Using it For 90 Days.

Among several “remedies” I have heard of that supposedly help with hair growth, one of the ones which stood out was ginger. And when I say ginger, I mean the literal plant we see added to sushi, the one that has a funky taste and yet really helps decorate the meals we eat. 

I’ve been reading quite a few articles on how helpful ginger can be for saving and regrowing hair, yet none of them actually ever provided pictures or proof that it works, but I personally know much about the medicinal uses of this plant and decided to try it. 

Before I reveal how my 90 day test with it went, I want to point to a few other health benefits this thing is known for:

Some of the MANY health benefits of ginger: 

1) Excellent uses for strengthening the immune system. I have personally made ginger tea on more than one occasion as a prophylactic (prevention) for illnesses and if I did get sick, I’ll tell you what…this type of tea really helped pull me out of horrendous feelings.

2) It supposedly helps fight DHT which I’ll get to in the hair section, but DHT may be a leading cause of baldness. Consuming ginger and/or applying it to the scalp may reduce it.  

3) It may aid in fighting common illnesses, whether it be a common cold to even things such as cancer as some research has shown.

4) Some reports have claimed that it can also help fight neurological diseases. 

But let’s get to the important part…did it actually help me? The answer is yes.

Nearly everyday for 90 days I have made sure to apply organic ginger to my scalp. I kept it on for about 30 minutes before washing it out with a supposedly healthy shampoo that had argon oil in it.

What I noticed after some time was that new, white tiny hairs would appear and there were periods where I would feel a brief but sharp poke in my head. This may me believe that perhaps new hairs were popping out.

Now I will say that despite using this approach for as long as I did (and I still do), that my results were and are minimal, but it is still technically progress and I can absolutely assure you it works, it just takes time and effort.

2 ways I’ve been experimenting with this:

Originally I would take a piece of ginger (about the size my thumb), peel it and then use a cheese grader to grade it. What would happen is that this process would “unleash” the juices within this plant and make it look pasty and moist.

I would then take this “paste” and rub it on the bald area of my head, making sure it would touch and get hopefully get absorbed by my skin. 

This process would take me about a minute to set up and about a minute to apply so really, you can easily do this daily. I do it at night before bed, 5-6 times a week.

Afterwards, I let it sit and dry on my head, which can take 15-30 minutes. Then I’ll wash it off and wrap my head with a towel.

This is the method by which I originally started noticing the white hairs and it was confirmed to me by several members of my family who also said they saw new hairs growing, but again, it was very slow.

Method 2:

I added a very high concentration of vodka (96% alcohol) with the paste I would make. In other words, the same approach to peeling and grading the ginger applies, only now you mix it with about a tablespoon of the vodka. 

Now the reason I add this is because it is said that a high concentration of alcohol is easily absorbed by the skin so if this is true, then mixing it with ginger and then applying it may help my scalp absorb it better and thus possibly produce faster results.

The thing is though, I had switched to this method after hearing about it and continued using it for most of the week, but because I had noticed any major change, I then switched back to the regular option, did that for a little it and then decided to rotate the methods.

On certain days, I’ll apply regular ginger, on other days, I’ll mix it in with the alcohol. 

I will say that I was impatient here because I’ve been saying throughout this blog, the results are slow, so when I first started trying to alcohol mix, I didn’t give it enough time to work, but since I settled on the mix option (one day without the alcohol mix, and the other without it), I’ve still been able to see progression in regrowth. 

Note: DO NOT drink this type of alcohol.

It is literally poisonous for internal consumption, only use it externally and if you’re worried, either use the regular method without it and/or speak to a doctor.

So the verdict is that ginger does help hair growth. While I do recommend you drink ginger tea if your stomach can take it, use it topically the way I mentioned. 

Additionally, I also used the following supplement:

I’ve been taking a strong biotin supplement for awhile now and that has really helped boost the progression or regrowth. I recommend taking this supplement internally and using the plant externally. 

While results will still be slow, or at least for me, I am almost certain that you will see new growth and almost a possible regression of hair loss as well as a potential, complete stop of it. 

There is no denying that this plant holds many benefits for our bodies and I just explained how it can help us externally. If you’ve tried this sort of method, please let me know how your results were and if you have a specific use for this plant that differs from mine as well as if you’ve tried the same method I used and how it worked for you.

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