Does Castor Oil Help Hair Grow? Yes, Yes, Yes!

I have tried many different types of oils and topical solutions for hair growth, but the one that I have actually seen give me noticeable results is castor oil. It really does help my hair grow, but only when it’s used with other ingredients.

The key to using castor oil isn’t just using it on it’s own. It has to be in combination with other products and this is where it gets difficult, because there are a lot of topical hair recipes you’ll find online that include castor oil. The ones I have personally used are:

  • Chili pepper mixed with 96% alcohol solution, castor oil (heated) and hair conditioner (any kind).
  • Cayenne pepper (pimienta roja) mixed with 96% alcohol solution, castor oil (heated) and hair conditioner (any kind). Check.
  • Castor oil mixed with 1 egg yolk and chili pepper mixed in alcohol solution (96% again). 
  • Another very similar combination, except with cayenne pepper. Check.
  • Most recently, grounded cinnamon, castor oil and honey. Check.

Out of these 5 (I’ve used many more) the 3 with the green check are ones I saw improvements with. I’m still testing out which combinations work best, but there won’t be any major results until I’ve tried it for at least a few months. So far, here is a picture of noticeable results I’ve seen from using the last mixture for about a month:

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-23" src="" alt="hair growth" width="365" height="400" srcset=" viagra 100 mg posologie.png 365w,×300.png 274w” sizes=”(max-width: 365px) 100vw, 365px” />

You have to look very close, but you can see some white hairs popping up and this is obviously NEW hair in places where it wasn’t showing up before. I don’t want to get too excited just yet, but there really are results happening.

I’m also doing a personal experimentation on myself not just with this topical mixture, but also changing my diet to have less DHT in my body and also taking a few other supplements for healthy hair. Every thing that is happening will be documented. 

I don’t know how well castor oil helps on it’s own because I have never used it that way. I do know red pepper such as chili and cayenne do help blood flow and there are studies that say they can help with hair growth and even baldness. 

You need to be VERY careful if you decide to use these mixtures, especially if you are allergic to any of them (in that case, don’t) or getting pepper on your skin. It really does burn. 

Castor Oil Health Benefits (for hair):

Castor oil has omega 6 fatty acids, proteins, vitamin E, all of which are needed to help maintain strong, healthy hair. It is also said to help improve blood flow to the head and all of this helps improve the condition of your hair. Can it help directly with balding?

I think my progress so far says yes and it’s only been less than a month. I believe the ingredients I use with the castor oil improve the overall usefulness. If you’re using any of them above mixtures or anything that has castor oil in it for your hair and you ARE noticing positive results, do share! 

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