Do DHT Blocking Shampoos Really Work?

DHT is considered to be the leading cause of hair loss and balding and so companies have come up with “miracle” products to combat DHT and these are shampoos that help with blocking it. Do they really work? 

Yes they do. When applied to the scalp, they will hit the DHT, but only when it enters the “sebum” of the hair follicle, aka the actual area where the hair follicle grows out of. So you really need to make sure you’re scrubbing that shampoo into your head to make this work.

But there is the other end of this topic in which these things will not work. Here’s some:

Reasons why DHT shampoos are not the solution:

1. They do not hit the problem at the source. DHT gets synthesized from testosterone which is where the theory of balding is due to testosterone comes from. More testosterone doesn’t always mean more DHT production, but it’s meant to show the problem arises from the inside.

DHT blockers such as shampoos are only topical and handle the problem from the outside after it’s been produced, but they handle it in a way that treats the problem and doesn’t prevent it coming back. 

As long as your body continues producing DHT, which happens from behavioral factors such as things you put into your body or stress, you will continue to have the same problem and will be forced to keep using the shampoo unless you can come up with a better way to handle it.

2. If the shampoo is the only option, you will spend a lot of money buying it over and over, but because it’ll never solve the problem, either you will keep using it until you can’t afford it or you will have to handle the problem differently.

It’s just like many prescription and over the counter drugs we take. They never really cure or solve the problem. They just treat the symptoms. We just look and feel better so we think it’s been cured.

The Verdict on DHT Blocking Shampoos:

They do work and you should use them if you can afford it, but don’t depend on them! There is no miracle to be found within these things. If there is one good DHT blocking shampoo we recommend, it’s this one, because it doesn’t just do the blocking part, but it also helps feed your hair follicles with biotin, a necessary vitamin for hair growth, and it’s pretty cheap too, but again, for better, long term effects, combine it with a GOOD diet that promotes healthy hair growth, only then will you actually be dealing with the problem from the right ends (both the inside and out).

DHT blocking shampoos do a great job of doing what they say they’ll do and even helping hair regrow, but if you’re going to only depend on them, you will be spending a lot of money and never really addressing the main problem of your hair loss which has to happen from the inside. Change your diet!

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