Can Your Diet Really Affect Hair Loss?

I can’t believe that there are still people, even experts who say it can’t. Diet affects just about every part of our health, why can’t it affect hair either?

I have good genes and I’ll never go bald! Right? 

No. While there are definitely lucky people out there who have great genetics and don’t even start to lose hair until they are old, and get away with eating horribly and still looking great, it will end someday. I have had a friend (who is no longer one) who ate pretty much only fast and fried foods, gained a lot of weight, but his hair continues to grow and shine. He is 28 and he still has not seen any signs of balding. 

Could his genetics protect him from ever balding? I don’t believe it. Genetics play important roles but if you abuse good genes and do whatever you want, there will be consequences sooner or later. He will eventually have to pay the price for this way of life unless he changes it. This goes for everyone as well.

If diet affects health, it also affects hair loss.

The way we eat has a direct connection to our hair growth and if your hair is thinning or worse you’re balding, change your diet immediately (unless you prefer less hair). As a man who started balding very early (22) but didn’t really do anything serious about it until I was 26 and the baldness was very noticeable, one of the things I had experimented with was changing my diet. I didn’t do anything serious other than eating foods which are known to help hair grow better.

The first thing I noticed was that less and less of my hair would fall out. I work in front of a computer very often on a pretty small desk, lean over when I type and by the time I finish work, I used to look down at my desk and see many strands of hair have fallen out.

Many means well over 50! And over a period of a few hours, that’s terrible since the average fallout a day is around a 100 for most people with healthy hair, and a full set being over 100,000.

100 a day means every hour the average person is losing about 4 strands of hair and I was losing 50 and more every couple of hours ou acheter du viagra sans ordonnance. By these measurements, I was losing hair way too quickly and unless I did something about it, it would not get any better. 

While genetics can be to blame, I study natural health and believe nearly every single health problem we face, including hair loss can be reversed but the right way to combat the problem is from the inside and that’s why diet is so important.

So once again, back to the diet change: I started doing a couple of things besides just adding good foods. I also limited myself to eating one fast food meal a week. Before it was several times every week.

I stopped drinking sodas (except that one day) and also started drinking more water, eating much more vegetables and mostly sea products (fish, sardines, ect…). I have also been experimenting with using a mix of castor oil and other ingredients that are said to help hair grow better.

Within 3 weeks, the results were more than noticeable. Instead of losing 25 hairs every hour, now it’s barely 1! I tried to take a picture with my camera phone, but there are no strands right now to show and I’m literally patting my hair to try and get some strands out and nothing is falling out, so I guess I’ll have to show the picture later.

Is it possible that this improvement was due to the diet, the castor oil mix or both? I think both played a major role, because I also have had a lot of improvement in energy and weight loss too. I didn’t lose a lot of pounds, but everything you do to the inside of your body (diet) affects it from the outside. You just can’t argue with that point! 

Here are some foods I’ve personally added to my diet:

Blueberries, eggs, cucumbers, carrots, bok choi, walnuts. I try to find them all in organic packages for maximum results. 

Things I’ve removed from my diet:

Sodas, fast foods, anything processed (white flour, white sugar) and pretty much anything unnatural. 

You would think this list of foods to eat and avoid would be something out of a standard diet and you’re right, but the truth is that if you positively affect one part of your health, it will set off a chain reaction of positive effects in other areas and hair is definitely one of them.

Doctors recommend you get more Vitamins A, D, E and iron in your diet including proteins to help directly with the growth of hair so you can look up foods that carry those vitamins, get them and start eating them whenever you can. You will notice an improvement in your hair growth and those who are bald, less hair will fall out.

You can also start taking vitamins if you can afford it. I’ve tried using a supplement which carries a lot of the necessary nutrients for hair growth. A “super” supplement called Hair, Skin & Nails and it also helped, but I used that one many months before I started changing the diet, so if you don’t have extra money to spare, stick to the diet change only.

You can do very simple things and see big differences in health. Once you attack the problem of hair loss from the inside and start eating well, but eating the type of foods that help hair grow, you will see the difference. Your friends and family will too.

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