Boo Bamboo Shampoo Review: What Did it End up Doing to my Hair?

As an ever balding man whose condition is not improving over the years, I had made a decision to solve my problem. The first step was to stop using products such as shampoos which were damaging my hair. Although I didn’t know which ones were, I visited an organic store and asked for their recommendations.

They recommended the Boo Bamboo shampoo and said it’s great for helping with hair maintenance. They also recommended a supplement specifically designed for hair and nails called Hair, Skin and Nails. I purchased both products and have for several months been using the shampoo.

While I did notice very visually appealing results from the supplement, the shampoo did not meet my expectations. The same amount of hair I had falling out before I used it, during the time I used it and after stayed the same. The supplement ran out much more quickly and during the period I used it, I believed my results were due to both products. However after I stopped using one and the shampoo remained and the problem came back, I knew the shampoo was not helping.

This shampoo is said to help with brittle hair and there is no mention of hair restoration, only strengthening, which never happened. Maybe it’s just my personal condition.

I didn’t use the shampoo very often. I had read through several sources that washing your hair too often can cause it fall out. I don’t know if this is true, but I wash my hair generally 2-3 times a week. During the time I used this shampoo, I didn’t replace it with any other and I did use it conservatively which is why I was able to make it last for several months le viagra est il efficace

So if you’re having hair thinning or hair loss issues, I wouldn’t worry about which shampoo you’re using. The problem is really coming from the inside (diet, genetics, stress). The worst thing you can do with shampoos is choose one that’s full of too many chemicals.

Although Boo Shampoo didn’t help my problem, I didn’t notice anything worse from using it which I guess to a guy whose losing his hair isn’t really a bad thing. The last thing we want is to hasten the journey to baldness…

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